Discipleship Journey

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Gateway is a 3-session course on what it means to be a Christian and live a life of following Jesus. Topics discussed are who is Jesus, what is salvation, and why the church matters. The class consists of a short teaching followed by group discussion.


Pathway is a 6 session course that builds on the teachings of Gateway while deepening your understanding of how to walk with Christ. Teachings include how to grow in prayer, read the Bible & love others as Christ intended us to.

The Walk

The Walk is a 6 session course of deeper discipleship. The Walk discusses how a Christian should live in an intimate relationship with Christ. Completion of the Pathway is required.

The Mission

The Mission Course helps you to discover your spiritual gifts and passions for life and ministry. This course meets for 6 sessions. Completion of the Pathway Course is required.
By attending Fast Track, you'll be able to complete an entire Discipleship Journey The Discipleship Journey is designed to help you encounter Jesus and deepen your relationship with God. Attend Fast Track to complete an entire course in a day.