The Marriage Preparation Ministry is committed to building Christ-centered marriages that will stand the test of time. 

Basic standards for New Hope weddings.

We are committed to serving those who are members or regular attendees of New Hope for at least four months.
A Christian is one who has come to know Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior, and is committed to living in accordance with Scriptural principles (i.e. maintaining sexual purity, living in a separate residence from your future spouse, seeking a partner of the opposite sex with the same spiritual commitment).
A minimum of 4 months is needed to complete the marriage preparation process. This should allow enough time to complete the material, interview, and participate in the required premarital coaching sessions. The marriage preparation process should begin as the couple seriously considers marriage. More than 4 months may be needed to work through and process issues that may arise during the marriage preparation process.
This process is designed to help a couple evaluate and strengthen their relationship using sound Biblical and psychological truths. Biblical roles, communication, intimacy, sexuality, financial principles, and other topics are addressed in an understandable and practical style.

The marriage preparation process.

This ministry is designed to serve those who wish to be married by one of New Hope’s pastors and who have been regular attendees for at least four months.

Step 1 – Call or stop in the office to obtain a set of personal profiles (Wedding Profile Application)
Step 2 – Fill out and return the profiles to the New Hope office as soon as possible. These profiles are not intended to be a test that you pass or fail, rather they are intended to provide initial information to the marriage preparation ministry as to how best to help you prepare.
Step 3 – Initial meeting with the Assigned Pastor or Mentor Couple and Covenant marriage preparation agreement. After we have received the profiles, we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment with one of our Pastors or Mentor couples. The purpose of this step is to walk through the Biblical principles of marriage and the expectations of the marriage preparation process from this point forward.
Step 4 – Complete the Prepare/Enrich pre-marriage assessment. You will be emailed a link to this assessment along with instructions. The cost for this is approximately $35. Prepare/Enrich is the leading relationship inventory and skill building program used nationally and internationally. It is built on a solid research foundation and significantly improves couple’s relationship and provides couple exercises to build their relationship skills.
Step 5 – Participate in the Marriage Preparation Process.  After we have received the Prepare/Enrich relationship inventory, we will contact you to make an appointment to begin the marriage preparation process with a combination of your assigned pastor and/or New Hope mentor couple. The marriage preparation process is to provide you with honest and supportive feedback about your relationship. The pastors and mentors provide teaching, interactive discussion, and exercises to help you build a strong foundation upon which to build your upcoming marriage.
We are often asked at our first meeting, “When can we get our wedding date and plan the wedding?” We want you to know, in advance, that we want you to have a great wedding…but we are even MORE interested in helping you have a great marriage!
Step 6 – Meet with the officiation pastor and wedding coordinator, to plan the ceremony. Scheduling the wedding ceremony must be made a minimum of 4 months in advance of the intended date. This period allows sufficient time for counseling and permits advance facility and pastor scheduling for other church ministries. Tentative scheduling will be made upon the receipt of the pre-marital questionnaire forms. The prospective Bride will receive a confirmation stating rehearsal and ceremony date time within a reasonable time after receipt of the complete form.

Note: The pastoral staff performs weddings and marriage preparation as a sacred Biblical trust. As such, they reserve the right to postpone or deny any ceremony. Postponement or denial by one member of the pastoral staff will preclude requests to the other members of the New Hope pastoral team.